Our milk is produced by small family farms adhering to the Pasture Promise standards.   It is a more traditional way of farming, a little slower, the cows enjoying the fields and wide open spaces for at least 6 months a year, only coming full time into the barns when the grass stops growing or the weather is severe (ie. winter months).  Because the milk is from only a handful of farms we can truthfully say how it's produced and know it's real provenance.

More so than ever we are demanding truthful labelling and want to support smaller family farms.  Free Range Dairy Farmers milk does just that, but with the added bonus of 'real' milk, just like it used to be.  The whole milk is unhomogenised, this means that you get that natural creamline on top.  You can enjoy this on your cereal or in porridge, or just shake it to mix.

We believe this is the way forward to ensure a fairer price for herds that have the higher standards and freedoms that our herds should enjoy.  We hope you agree.

Neil Darwent & Carol Lever

Neil and Carol are directors of Free Range Dairy  - a community interest company - Pasture Promise guarantees farmers a fairer price for the regulated cow freedom system which promises that Free Range Dairy Farmers milk's herds graze for a minimum of 180 days a year


Neil Darwent - 

I have been milking dairy cows and managing farm businesses all of my working life. During this time, I witnessed first-hand, the pressure on farmers and their cows to deliver more for less, as milk has become an under-valued, cheap commodity.

Carol Lever - 

When I started Free Range Dairy Network back in 2014, I wasn’t a dairy farmer or had even milked a cow. I had been a campaign manager at an animal welfare charity, working on a campaign to combat the rise in intensive dairy farming in the UK.

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