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The Hobbs Family

Jerrys father, Jim brought his herd of 45 Friesians down from Tetbury in 1970 and they have been milking in Elmore, just south of Gloucester ever since.

Jerry married Jenni in 1993, and their three children, Ollie, Sam and Emily love their herd, each having their favourites.

They milk 200 cows here, of all breeds, shapes and sizes!

Free Range Dairy has played a big part in their lives for the last 12 months and they believe that the cows deserve the freedom to graze; it is the most natural way that a cow can display it's natural behaviours and, we believe the milk tastes better for it!  

Jenni recently won the Farmer of the Year in the Taste of Gloucestershire Food & Farming Awards 2017.

Alice and Leslie
Jason and Clarence