pasture promise

Our FREE RANGE DAIRY FARMERS milk . Carries the Pasture PromiseTM logo to give you a clear assurance that it only comes from traditional dairy farms, where cows are grazed for at least 180 days and nights a year.

The Pasture Promise logo is the only label on milk that gives you the chance to choose milk from cows that  spend at least half of the year roaming in fields, as nature intended.


The Pasture Promise logo is licensed by the Free Range Dairy Network, a not for profit organisation that works to win recognition and reward for farmers, who commit to giving their cows the freedom to graze in fields. The farmers that supply our milk are all members of the Free Range Dairy Network and must comply with strict standards, to ensure their cows enjoy the freedom they deserve. Each farm is carefully selected and is subject to an independent inspection every year.

People everywhere are making the Pasture Promise to keep cows in fields and traditional British dairy farms in business. You can join them by choosing FREE RANGE DAIRY FARMERS milk .

For more information about the Free Range Dairy Network and the farming system behind the Pasture Promise logo click here

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