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Spring is Special

May 16, 2019


There is something so special about spring, not least because as farmers we can enjoy our early mornings in the light, we can see the crops and grass growing and the animals relishing the great outdoors.


These may seem like simple things, but they are so crucial to our lives and livelihood.  The hedgerows burst to life, the trees turn from brown skeletons to dark green fullness, the swallows return, bees and butterflies are busy - you can't help but be grateful for our green and pleasant land and the fact that we have all the ingredients to be able to produce the nations food in a near-perfect environment.  Yes, we need rain now, but compared to many of the countries around the world, we can do this so much easier without too much threat.


We would like to encourage our customers to understand their farming heritage; to know how important it is that we continue to farm in a way that enhances and nurtures our countryside, but always to remember that within that remit is food production.  Healthy, sustainable food that builds immunity, feeds our bones, not only nourishing us but making us smile at the same time. 


Thank you Asda for doing what all retailers should do and ensuring you, the public can access healthy, nutritional milk that continues to work with nature and the farmers who continue to farm in a more traditional way. 



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