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October 11, 2019

What a wet one!  The start of 2019's autumn has been a quick dip from hot, long sunny days to rainy, windy short days.  Part of the joy of the British seasons is that we get to enjoy a 'temperate maritime' climate. The British Isles are so-called because we are never far from the sea and therefore we can enjoy rainfall.  Yes, sometimes we don't want it when the bbq is warming up, but as citizens of this part of the world we can enjoy good, well-produced, local food for a fair chunk of the year - something not to be sneezed at when we see areas of the world suffering with drought year-on-year, or flooding, earthquakes, hurricanes and so much more.  


Here, in the autumn we traditionally enjoy the harvest festival - a celebration of the harvest coming in.  As free range farmers we can't wait for the spring to come and see the herds rush out to enjoy the grass, but for now, we can let them enjoy their warmer beds, their food brought to them, just as we humans long for our warm homes or to snuggle under the blanket.  


If you see a farmer in the near future, thank them, and ensure that they know that you appreciate the work they do to bring food to your tables. 






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